Spring Rains Bring New Growth and Increased Need for Stewardship

We have had more rain than normal this Spring, enabling us to reduce the use of our lawn irrigation and postpone, at least for a while, our worry about drought. It also means more work is needed in our open space as the rains have increased the overgrowth along our trails and required work on the trails themselves to repair damage caused by runoff and erosion.

Please look at the opportunities listed here for joining one or more of our stewardship days. Some of our projects require only a minimum of effort but it is most satisfying to look back after a morning's work to see trails that are cleared of debris an

Eagle Scouts Widen the Gwin Canyon Trail

JK Eagle scouts gwin canyon trail April 2019 67 KB.jpg

The photo to the left shows some of the 25 members of Joe Lewis’ Boy Scout Troup widening the Gwin Canyon Trail on UC property in the upper canyon. Further along the trail into Park District land, the scouts also removed enough French broom so that now the whole trail is easily passable. In addition to Joe and his troup, we want to thank the Park District for removing the large downed oak that lay across the trail.