Oakland's Draft Plan Doesn't Go Far Enough

On July 16, Sue Piper, a Conservancy member and head of the Oakland Firesafe Council, published an editorial in the Chronicle in response to Oakland's Draft Vegetation Managment Plan. We agree with Sue that Oakland's Plan does not go far enough. Oakland's consultants should go back to the drawing board and give more specific recommendations on a park-by-park basis. The consultants also need to weigh into the Plan the important role that volunteers have offered and will continue to offer in helping keep Oakland parks and open spaces fire safe. Again, thanks to those of you who submitted individual comments on the Plan before its June 11 deadline for public comments.

August Events in Claremont Canyon

Saturday August 18 in Garber Park  Please join us from 10 AM to Noon. We will continue weeding for fire safety and maintaining trails. We will focus on the Evergreen Lane hillside above and below Fireplace Plaza. It is important that we keep the trails in good condition so they can be used as emergency evacuation routes in case of fire or other disasters. We provide water, snacks, gloves and tools. Please bring a water bottle for refills. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Meet at the Claremont Avenue entrance, just .4 miles up Claremont towards Grizzly Peak Blvd. from the intersection with Ashby/Tunnel Rd. For more information, a map and directions, visit www.garberparkstewards.org or contact Shelagh at garberparkstewards@gmail.com.

Saturday August 25 in the Upper Canyon This month we plan to return to the Gwin Canyon Trail and make some improvements there. We want to make it as easy as possible for hikers to navigate along the steep hillside. Meet us at 10 AM at Signpost 29, 1.5 miles up Claremont from Ashby. We supply tools and gloves but feel to bring your own and a water bottle. We will work until 12 or 1 PM.

For all stewardship work: Please wear long sleeves, long pants, work gloves and sturdy shoes with good tread or boots and bring a bottle of water. We will supply tools and gloves but feel free to bring your own.