Joe McBride and Jerry Kent Publish Research Article

Alvarado Ridge after the 1991 Fire.

Alvarado Ridge after the 1991 Fire.

UC professor emeritus Joe McBride and Conservancy board member Jerry Kent have published an article in the January 7, 2019 issue of the International Journal of Wildland Fire (read it here). The article says that good solutions to reducing wildfire hazards in the San Francisco Bay Area exist, as put forth in many official fire-hazard reduction plans, but there is a failure to enact all of the recommendations.

Oakland Wildfire Prevention Update


The City of Oakland is proceeding to finalize its Vegetation Management Plan and to develop an accompanying Environmental Impact Report. The Conservancy has recently submitted additional comments, noting that eucalyptus trees on the ridgelines must be removed. Thinning the trees to 30 feet apart as the Plan currently states will not be effective. We know the Diablo Winds can blow burning embers many hundreds of feet.

In addition, the Conservancy noted that the Plan should cover all land in the city, including school district parcels, other public agency land and private property. Wildfire does not respect property lines. For this reason, the Conservancy is working with other local community organizations and urging the state to create a regional wildfire prevention management agency to address this problem.


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PG&E has recently announced a new policy of cutting power to high severity zones when weather is risky. We are following this development closely and encourage our members to give us feedback.

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