It's Happening in Claremont Canyon

Sunday, March 12, Field Walk in Claremont Canyon, 9:00-noon

Bob Strayer and Martin Holden will lead this 3.5-mile tour of both sides of the canyon, sponsored by the Berkeley Path Wanderers (see their posting on this event), starting at Signpost 29 on south side of Claremont Ave. 1.5 miles uphill from the Claremont Hotel. Learn about efforts to prevent wildfires in Claremont Canyon and enjoy new paths built by the Conservancy. Participants will carpool a short distance from Signpost 29 to park at the Claremont Ave. entrance to Garber Park. We’ll cross Claremont Ave. and take Stonewall Road to the Stonewall-Panoramic Ridge Trail. That half-mile trail is extremely steep with difficult footing but offers breathtaking views of the canyon and the Bay. Walking sticks are helpful.

From the ridge, we’ll descend on a UC fire road and through the eucalyptus grove at Signpost 28 to return to Signpost 29. From there, we will take the Summit House Trail and Willow Trail loop, noting the difference between the eucalyptus grove and the restored native woodland. Finally, we will carpool back to Garber Park. A guided walk through that park will be optional.

Saturday, March 18 in Garber Park from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Join us for a workshop on The Waters of Garber Park presented by Lech Naumovich of the Golden Hour Restoration Institute. This workshop will focus on creek stabilization techniques that can maintain soil integrity. We will learn to analyze erosion and how to use spiling, willow staking, and living fascines. Focusing on the creek along the Claremont Avenue trail we will see the successes and the lessons learned from past erosion control efforts. We also will head over to upper Harwood Creek to examine past efforts there and look at the eroding lower Harwood slope and explore what can be done to stabilize that situation. Everyone is welcome. Meet at the Evergreen Lane entrance to Garber for coffee and snacks at 9:15 before we begin.

Directions: From the intersection of Tunnel Road/Ashby and Claremont, go .4 miles up Claremont to the parking turnout just beyond 7380 Claremont. Look for the Garber Park Stewards sign and walk up the trail to the Evergreen Lane entrance. By bus, take #49 and get off at the Ashby/Claremont Avenue interection and walk up Claremont. For more information and to RSVP, go to or contact Shelagh at

Saturday, March 18, 9:30-2:00, Cal Berkeley Student Day

Twice a year Cal students organize Berkeley Day where teams of students join local community organizations' volunteer projects. Students have participated in Conservancy projects for several years and we are pleased to have them with us again on March 18. We will be working in the upper canyon to help build the new Gwin Canyon trail connection and to maintain the existing Willow and Summit House trails. We will be there from 9:30 until 2:00 and community residents are welcome to join us. Meet at Signpost 29. Signpost 29 is on your right as you drive 1.5 miles up Claremont Avenue from Ashby Avenue.

Saturday, March 25, 10-noon in the Upper Canyon

We are focused on completing the Gwin Canyon Trail. Meet us at Signpost 29 at 10 AM and we will work til Noon. Signpost 29 is on your right as you drive 1.5 miles up Claremont from Ashby Avenue. We have just a few feet of trail building to go and trail widening and shoring up also is needed in parts. For those of you who have ventured down the new trail, you've noticed the creek crossings and pathway we have cut into the hillside. We are proud of what we have done so far and invite you to help us finish the job.

Saturday, April 8th, 10 a.m. Clark Kerr Trail with "Take to the Hills"

Lace up your boots and join us for a free tour of the recent trail improvements to the Clark Kerr Trail during the peak of Spring. Take To The Hills invites you on a guided tour of this local gem which links Dwight Way, Panoramic Way and the Stonewall Trail in Claremont Canyon Preserve. Over the last two years, Take To The Hills has replaced and installed stairs, widened the trail and removed obstacles. The trail was never this good and usage has increased dramatically. Meet at the top of Dwight near the Clark Kerr Campus track. Sturdy shoes are advised. The walk is about 1.5 miles, out and back.

Check back for what's happening in Claremont Canyon later in the month (for a description of volunteer opportunities, click here).