The Nabokovian is the name of the website and journal of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society. The Society and journal were founded in 1978 by Nabokov’s former student and close family friend Stephen Jan Parker the year after Nabokov's death. In 2018 the current website came online, subsuming the former email-based communication forum NABOKV-L—which operated from 1993-2018 and was edited by Don Barton Johnson until 2014 and Stephen Blackwell afterwards—and adding much more. Activities of the Society, journal and website are supported by the Vladimir Nabokov Literary and Foundation and furthered by the many persons dedicated to the study of the life and works of Nabokov.

History: For a fuller history of The Nabokovian and the field of Nabokov Studies, see Stephen H. Blackwell's essay here

Membership: Visitors can register for the site for free and contribute to its development.  You are also invited to become a member of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society (click here to join). We welcome participation in all aspects of this website by providing news about your own or others' work or forthcoming conferences; engaging in discussion forums; and offering information of any kind relevant to Nabokov's lifeworks, and legacy. Researchers may submit Notes for peer review and publication in the Nabokovian journal (here is how).

Our Mission

To foster scholarly communication and provide resources to study and enjoy the works of Vladimir Nabokov

More than 500 individuals from around the world have joined as members of the Vladimir Nabokov Society to learn and share.
— Stephen Blackwell, Professor of Russian, Lindsay Young Professor of Humanities, University of Tennessee