On the trail, by Jon Kaufman

Nothing stays the same in nature.  Willow trees are an example. They grow rapidly and also can die and fall over rapidly. That happened this past winter along the Willow Trail, named in honor of that species in upper Claremont Canyon. A large willow fell right across the trail making passage difficult, if not impossible.

Instead of removing the tree, our stewardship group decided to reroute a small section of the trail to avoid both the tree and a nearby rivulet that was causing erosion—another example of how things change.

Rerouting proved to be a major undertaking as the most direct path required crossing a couple of small gullies. Thanks to the contribution of two large redwood slabs by Conservancy member Tom Klatt, and the hard work of Conservancy volunteers, the job is now completed.

On a related matter, we are happy to report that six large trail maps have been ordered to be placed at trailheads in Claremont Canyon: at the top of Dwight Way, at Signposts 29 and 27 within Claremont Canyon, at the head of Claremont Canyon at the Four Corners intersection and at the Claremont Hotel. We would also like to place a sixth map near the Stonewall trailhead but we are still awaiting approval. The maps will be displayed on 36 x 24 inch high pressure laminated board and mounted to an aluminum frame typical of the many informational signs seen within our local parks.