The Claremont Canyon Conservancy is a catalyst for the long-term protection and restoration of the canyon's natural environment and an advocate for comprehensive fire safety along its wildland/urban interface.

President's Message: Trees in Claremont Canyon

by L.Tim Wallace

L. Tim Wallace


Critics of removing the hazardous and invasive eucalyptus trees sometimes allege that the hillside would be bare if the eucs were removed. Claremont Canyon Conservancy volunteers have been gathering information that so far proves that this allegation is false.

On March 8th we conducted a census of all trees in limited areas above Signpost 28 on Claremont Avenue. Extrapolating from these areas, we found that there were about 350 eucalyptus trees and more than 380 smaller bays and oaks 
per acre sprouting beneath the euc canopy. Without the eucs, these bay and oak saplings would have the sunlight and moisture they need to grow and thrive. We will do more surveying on April 12th.


Claremont Canyon Conservancy board member Jerry Kent has prepared a paper that explores the risks of thinning versus removing Blue Gum Eucalyptus and Monterey Pine trees. This timely article is posted here

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Saturday, April 26 Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day in Claremont Canyon from 9 AM til Noon. The Conservancy will again partner with Garber Park Stewards to offer some fun and rewarding activities:

1) HELP CLEAN UP CLAREMONT AVENUE. Meet at the parking area just up from 7380 Claremont Avenue. We will gather trash and beautify this lovely and popular corridor. Depending on the number of volunteers, we will work from this entrance to Garber Park up to Signposts 29 and 28 and up to the Four Corners.

2) HELP COMPLETE SYLVAN PATH RESTORATION. Help us restore this bveautiful trail built in the 1920s. Projects along the trail include removing invasive ivy, weeding Garber Park's newest restoration site at Fern Glen, and cutting steps to make the steep parts of the path accessible and enjoyable for all. Meet at the Evergreen Lane entrance to Garber Park. For more information contact Shelagh at