Please join us for our winter events in Claremont Canyon. Stewardship outings are the third Saturday for restoration work in Garber Park in collaboration with the Garber Park Stewards, and the fourth Saturday for trail maintenance and weed management elsewhere in Claremont Canyon. Please check back for meeting places and last minute additions and changes.

For all stewardship work: Please wear long sleeves, long pants, work gloves and sturdy shoes with good tread or boots and bring a bottle of water. We will supply tools but feel free to bring your own. 

For a description of volunteer opportunities, click here. 

Here's what's happening this month:

March 10, 9:30 AM - 1 PM. Workshop on Invasive Species Management. Join us for something very special. We all know about invasive species and the importance of removing them to enable the natives to thrive. But how do we do this without spending a lifetime? We will learn a few lessons for our favorite expert Lech Naumovich of Golden Hour Restoration. The invasive target is poison hemlock and the site is the very upper end of Claremont Canyon. Meet at Four Corners, where Grizzly Peak intersects Claremont Avenue. Lech will demonstrate several strategies including mulching with Redwood leaves and litter to reduce germination as well as traditional techniques. This promises to be fun and informative in an area that we’ve not done anything more than install a sign and a few steps to make the trail easier to navigate. UC Berkeley students will be joining us as part of their Berkeley Project Day volunteering with local community organizations.

March 17, 10 AM - Noon. Garber Park. Join us as we continue to attack the invasive Spring weed growth. There are many activities to choose from: light and level work at selected spots along the trails where we will be pruning and pushing back the weeds, to the tough tasks in Horsetrail Meadow where the poison hemlock and Cape Ivy need to be removed. Garber Park is looking lovely: the Trilliums are in bloom, the Buckeyes are leafing out, the cow parsnip is already two feet tall and, after last month's successful attack on the invasives threatening the equisetum in horsetail meadow, the horsetails are once again beginning to dominate. Meet at the Claremont Avenue entrance to Garber Park, .4 miles up Claremont from Tunnel Road/Ashby Avenue (AC Transit #79 stop). Map and directions are at or contact Shelagh at

March 24, 10 AM - 1:00 PM Upper Canyon Trail Work. Join us as we continue to improve our newest trail, the Gwin Canyon Trail, by adding a few steps and installing a couple of longer logs along the lower edge of the trail to hold back the soil. We will supply tools and know-how. You supply your interest and enthusiasm. Meet at Signpost 29, 1.5 miles up Claremont from the intersection of Claremont and Ashby/Tunnel Road. The new trail is becoming well used by community residents and these improvements will make it easier to navigate and keep it in good shape over the long term. We also are pleased to report that the East Bay Regional Park District will install a trail marker at the upper end of the trail at the end of Norfolk Road.


For all stewardship work: Please wear long sleeves, long pants, work gloves and sturdy shoes with good tread or boots and bring a bottle of water. We will supply tools and gloves but feel free to bring your own.