News reports on WILDFIRE SAFETY

10/17/19 Berkeley Hills are kindling: City takes steps to tackle wildfire danger, safety issues, by Kevin L. Jones, Berkeleyside.

07/17/19 Hillside Residents Focus on the Serious Business of Fire Prevention, by Erin Banks Rusby, East Bay Times.

03/15/19 Playing with fire: welcome to the experimental forest, by Colby McDonald, California Magazine.

03/15/19 September 17, 1923: The Day That Berkeley Burned, by Colby McDonald, California Magazine.

03/15/19 Losing paradise: the “new normal” of California wildfires, by Glen Martin, California Magazine.

11/16/18 How fierce fall and winter winds help fuel California fires, by Faith Kerns and Max Moritz, The Conversion.

08/21/18 The social costs of living in wildfire prone areas, by Alastair Bland, East Bay Express.

03/08/18 Skyline Garden Project Restores Native Plants To East Bay Trail, by Allen Martin, CBS Local News, KPIX.

10/28/17 Burning question: can California prevent the next wildfire? by Glen Martin, California Magazine.

10/26/17 Since 1991 Fire, East Bay prevention efforts stymied, by Jerry Kent, East Bay Times.

10/11/17 Conflict as heated as the flames over Oakland hills fire prevention, by Otis R. Taylor, Jr, San Francisco Chronicle.

08/02/17 See full media coverage on the the August 2 Grizzly Fire above Strawberry Canyon.

07/04/17 Fire Department presents plan to cut Oakland hills’ wildfire risk, by Sarah Tan, East BayTimes.

04/12/17 The Great Tree Fight: How Eucalyptus Trees Have Divided Bay Area Environmentalists For Decades by Jay Barmann, April 12, 2017.

10/08/16 How the Australian eucalyptus came to the east bay hills, by Zach St. George, Bay Nature Magazine. 

10/01/16 Flammable compared to what? Twenty-five years after the Oakland Hills fire, people still disagree about whether blue gum eucalyptus is a fire threat in the East Bay Hills, by Zach St. George, Bay Nature Magazine.  

09/22/16 Fire Fight: FEMA Yanks Fuel Reduction Funds After Conservation Group Wages Legal Battle, by Glen Martin, California Magazine.

09/16/16 Feds pull millions for funding of tree trimming in East Bay Hills by Alastair Bland, Oakland Magazine

09/09/16 Hill Campus fire hazard reduction program--indefinite delay by UC Berkeley Real Estate press release.

12/15/15 Will a controversial FEMA plan to cut eucalyptus reduce the danger of another hills firestorm? by Jim Rossi, Oakland North

06/24/15 East Bay Hills tree removal plan still sparking debate, by Sophie Ho, East Bay Express

10/01/14 Oakland Berkeley hills groups at odds over Claremont Canyon eucalyptus fire hazard, by Tom Lochner, East Bay Times

06/12/13 Tree battle combusts in Oakland, Berkeley, by William Harless, Wall Street Journal Online. 

06/01/13 Thousands of East Bay trees face ax, some neighbors raise opposition to proposal for East Bay Hills, by Carolyn Jones, San Francisco Chronicle. 




05/28/13 Fate of thousands of eucalyptus soon to be decided, by Matthew Artz and Doug Oakley, Contra Costa Times.

05/23/2013 East Bay hills tree removal debate catches fire, by Dan Rademacher, Bay Nature Magazine.

05/25/13 Sierra Club supports East Bay plan for fire management and native restoration, by Norman La Force, The Yodeler.

05/23/13 East Bay hills tree removal debate catches fire, by Dan Rademacher, Bay Nature Magazine.

05/17/13 Cal seeks funds to cut down 22,000 non-native trees, by Lance Knobel, Berkeleyside

10/31/11 After 1991 Fire, Oaklanders debate growth of eucalyptus, by Casey Capachi, OaklandNorth.

10/19/11 Oakland's Claremont Canyon, 20 years after the fire, by Daniel McGlynn, Bay Nature Magazine.

10/19/11 Twenty years after the Oakland hills fire, what has changed? by Monica Cruz-Rosas, Brittany Schell and Amna Hassan, Oakland North.

09/23/11 Tunnel Fire, 20 years later, by Kenneth S. Blonski, Cheryl Miller and Carol L. Rice, Wildfire Magazine, International Association of Wildfire.

08/10/11 Some East Bay residents upset over new wildfire plan by Dave Padilla, CBS San Francisco Bay Area

10/29/09 Urban Outings: Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, Berkeley by Gail Todd, SFGate

02/01/09 UC Berkeley's Eucalyptus Removal Plan Stalled, Removing Trees by Carolyn Jones, SFGate

10/03/07 Cleaning the Canyon by Kathleen Richards, East Bay Express

10/03/07 Campus Set to Clear Eucalyptus, by Sonja Sharp, Daily Californian

10/01/07 East Bay Hills Eucalyptus Logging Plans Opposed, by Doug Oakley, Oakland Tribune

09/27/07 Battle in Berkeley over Plans to Cut Down Thousands of Trees, by Chip Johnson, SFGate

01/05/07 University of California and Claremont Canyon Conservancy Team up to preserve a precious part of the Bay Area's heritage, by Dennis Evanosky, East Bay Daily News (link no longer exists)

12/01/06 Come look down on a soaring hawk by Dennis Evanosky, East Bay Daily News (link no longer exists)

10/01/06 Turning Over a New Leaf, by Andrea Pflaumer, East Bay Life - The Monthly

07/01/06 Ubiquitous Eucalyptus by Bill O'Brien, Bay Nature Magazine

03/06/06 Volunteers Try to Reforest East Bay Hills with Indigenous Redwood, by Jim Herron Zamora, SFGate