WHAT HOMEOWNERS CAN DO:  Creating and maintaining defensible space is one of the most important ways to protect your home from wildfire. Defensible space will improve the chance that an ember resistant house (see next paragraph) will survive on its own and greatly improve the odds that firefighters will attempt to defend your home. Defensible space can be a designed landscape of well=maintained plants and hardscape surrounding your home, with fuel management of up to 100 feet as required by state law or by city code. CalFIRE brochure is here

Preparing your home to resist burning embers (see here) is the next most important thing to do. Current building codes are creating more fire-safe homes and communities, but all structures are vulnerable to wildfire and many older structures are especially vulnerable to fire. More on protecting you home is  here  

All of Claremont Canyon is a high fire-risk area, and some homes need to be retrofitted ASAP. Embers can travel long distances and can ignite a home even when surrounded by 200 feet of green landscape.

The basic facts supporting quick evacuation during fires are simple. Staying behind in a major wildfire is serious business and must not be attempted when the order to evacuate is given. Evacuation is essential to saving lives. Homeowners insurance is essential for those who choose to live near our beautiful Canyon. For further information on wildfire preparation and evacuation go to the FEMA website. FEMA brochure is here