A botanical exploration with Lech Naumovich, by Marilyn Goldhaber

A half a dozen of us were fortunate to accompany Lech last Saturday on a botanical exploration of coastal scrub-grassland interface areas on the south facing slope. We first met mid-canyon along Claremont Avenue at the Telegraph Canyon Trail where we left off a couple of cars.  Then we piled into the remaining cars and drove to the Stonewall Rd Trailhead. A two-mile hike ensued up the steep Panoramic Trail, stopping often to observe the flora and taking a side trek along a deer path into north coastal scrub where we saw many interesting plants, quite a few in flower.  We reached the highest point on the ridge that separates Strawberry and Claremont canyons and took a few pictures of the great panoramic views there. To see more pictures of this fun, interesting, and challenging (it was steep!) hike, see my Flickr site.