Honoring our members, by Marilyn Goldhaber

HONORING OUR MEMBERS: From our founding in 2001, we have encouraged nearby residents and community organizations to support the Conservancy by becoming Founding Sponsors with a commitment to contribute $1,000, either all at once or over ten years. We are pleased to list in our Spring 2011 newsletter, in approximately the order the commitments were made, our first 209 Founding Sponsors. We also honor our recent members from other categories of membership, who have supported the Conservancy during our most recent membership drive in 2010-2011.

HONORING THE LAND: Since our founding, more than 500 households in the Canyon and surrounding community have joined with us to preserve/restore the land, support our programs and to learn along with us how to best mitigate the threat of a devastating wildfire. We warmly invite all to come and experience this place we call home.

Wondering where Claremont Canyon is? Claremont Avenue runs right up its center, from the Claremont Hotel at the bottom to Grizzly Peak Boulevard at the top. Most of canyon is publicly owned with the largest stakeholders being the East Bay Regional Park District and the University of California.

It wasn’t by accident that we have such a treasure within our midst. Much of the canyon was destined for development in the 1970s but for the efforts of a visionary local citizens’ group, the Friends of Claremont Canyon. Some key players in Friends later joined with other local citizens after the devastating 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm to form the Claremont Canyon Conservancy in 2001. The goal was, and continues to be, to energize the largest landowners to be better stewards of the land.

TEN YEARS STRONG: In November the Conservancy will be ten years old. Please save-the-date for our Annual Meeting, November 6, 4-6 p.m. at the Claremont Hotel. Our tenth anniversary is an important milestone, thanks especially to our Founding Sponsors whose commitment made this possible. We promise to have a sparkling event to celebrate. Closer to the date, please check our website and fall newsletter for details.