Creek-to-Bay Day in Garber Park, by Nancy Mueller

Just wanted to report two great projects last Saturday in our neighborhood:  At the Demonstration Garden at Hiller and Old Tunnel, Gordon and Sue Piper led an enthusiastic group of volunteers.  I had a chance to meet the new president of North Hills Community Association, Michael Schroeder (who was working his tail off!) and Carolyn Burgess, our terrific chair of Crime Prevention of NHCA.  Gordon had organized volunteers from Orchard Supply as well as many local volunteers and two groups of teens, working off community service hours.  Over 1,300 succulents & other drought tolerant species were planted, weeds pulled, garbage cleaned up.  Gordon picked up the donated plants in Visalia and Bolinas!  Over 20 folks + the teen volunteers. Thank You Gordon and Sue!  Then Shelagh and Bob Brodersen led the Garber Park Stewards (click here for their report) in a clean up along the length of Claremont Ave., finished a 6 month cape Ivy clearance project; weeded and mulched Fern glade, ready for fern planting in December.  The City of Oakland also sent an Environmental Stewardship Team to help in the greening and cleaning.  Councilperson Dan Kalb sent a member of his staff to work the day as well.  We are very lucky for have these amazing leaders who are so devoted to various projects in our neighborhood.  Next time you see these folks be sure to thank them!  And thank all the volunteers for your time!! Nancy Mueller