New trail maps installed in four places, by Fred Booker

It's hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we rolled out the latest update of the Conservancy’s trail map of Claremont Canyon—with a promise to have it out at trailheads soon. Well, that time has finally arrived. As of this blog entry, holes have been drilled in the ground, concrete poured, frames assembled, and four trail maps installed at the following trailheads: at the top of Dwight Way, UC Signpost 29, UC Signpost 27, and at the top of the Summit House Trail at the Four Corners’ intersection of Claremont Avenue with Grizzly Peak Boulevard/Fish Ranch Road. (Two additional trail maps are available for placement at locations soon to be determined.)

The work was accomplished over two week-ends by Conservancy board members Barry Pilger, Bob Strayer, Fred Booker, and hills resident Chuck Scurich. As soon as the installation was completed, we saw people stopping to admire the signage and check out the trails. One hiker found he was nowhere near where he thought he was—and was able to navigate his way home.

Our map has gone through several iterations over the years, all created by Eureka Cartography of Berkeley. The map now includes mileage for all trails throughoutthe canyon, including those in Garber Park. We’ve also added connecting stairways around the Claremont Hotel and the soon-to-be-started extension of the Norfolk Trail.

This final version of the map was sent as a digital file to KVO Industries in Santa Rosa, a specialty sign manufacturer producing high quality interpretive signs for industry, municipalities and parks. KVO reproduced the map on digitally imaged paper impregnated with UV resistant melamine resins laid over multiple layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper. The finished 1/2-inch-thick product is referred to as a high pressure laminate panel. The finished panel was then mounted to a powder-coated backing panel and metal frame for placement in the field.

I think it looks great.

If you would like to explore a high resolution and downloadable version in the comfort of your home, please visit our website’s maps page