Trail Map at Domingo and Claremont Avenues, by Jon Kaufman

Trail Map at Domingo 100 KB.JPG

Building and maintaining trails in Claremont Canyon is the Conservancy’s way of inviting area residents to experience the joy of living in the wildland-urban interface. We think it will help remind people that responsibility comes with the pleasure of living here. We need to care for our environment by making our wildland accessible and by removing invasive plants and keeping it as firesafe as possible.

A couple of years ago we invested some resources, both financial and volunteer labor, in designing, printing and posting trail maps. The maps are located at the trailheads at Four Corners, Signposts 27 and 29 on Claremont and at the Garber Park entrance on Claremont. And now we have posted another one near the Domingo shopping area so that more people will see it and know that the trails are there for the hiking.

The newest sign is on the hotel property on Russell between Claremont and Domingo near the corner of Claremont. We deeply appreciate the willingness of the Claremont Resort and Spa and its General Manager Charles Head  to enable us to place the sign on their property.

The map also is on our website at where you can print it to take on your hike. Have fun!